Mission Style Chest of Drawers

Overall dimensions: 3" wide, 1 7/8" deep, 4 3/8" high

Assembly Instructions:

Cut out and sand all of the pieces of wood. Stain all the pieces of wood. Let dry. Sand again, with very fine sandpaper.

Note: The steps of assembly for the Chest of Drawers is the same as for the Night Table, with a few exceptions.

Preparing the sides and back:

Follow the Night Table instructions.

Joining the sides to the back:

Follow the Night Table instructions.

Installing the shelves for the drawers:

Glue the two drawer glides to the insides of the nightstand. Make sure that the pieces meet the underside of the top shelf and the inside wall of the back piece.

Glue one drawer divider to the bottom of the top shelf, making sure that it is centered between the two sides and is aligned at right angles to the back.

Glue a drawer glide to both sides of the drawer divider.

Glue a middle shelf directly under the drawer glides.

Repeat the above for the next set of drawers.

Continue gluing drawer glides and shelves until the bottom of the chest is reached.

Glue the front bottom trim piece to the front of the bottom shelf.

Glue the bottom shelf in place.

Assembling the drawers:

Follow the Night Table instructions, except for the location of the holes for the drawer pulls.

For the four top (narrower) drawers, drill holes in the centers of the drawer fronts for the drawer pulls.

For the four bottom (wider) drawers, drill holes for the drawer pulls, centering the pulls vertically, and locating them the same distance as the distance between the top drawer pulls and the top drawer sides. All of the drawer pulls should be aligned in two vertical rows when the drawers are in place.


Follow the Night Table instructions.

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